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Brand Strategy | Brand Style Guide

The Problem

Jess from Mum Uniform, in her own words, felt like she was "winging it" when it came to her brand. She wasn't sure what her brand represented and how to consistently portray Mum Uniform to attract and engage the right audience. Jess also needed help to find complimentary fonts and an extended colour palette to work with her existing logo.

Mum Uniform Project Page-01.jpg
Mum Uniform Project Page-02.jpg
Mum Uniform Project Page-03.jpg

The Solution

We put a full brand strategy document together for Jess, breaking down each part of her brand; values, ideal customers, competitors, brand style, goals and a strategy. This helped Jess to not feel overwhelmed by creating a consistent brand and made her realise she actually needed some additional visual elements putting together such as complimenting fonts and a full colour palette so we also create a brand style guide.

Mum Uniform Project Page-04.jpg

The Client Says:

"After a full year of me winging it, Lemon Feathers put an incredible in-depth, document together and totally nailed my brand."

Jess, Mum Uniform

Mum Uniform Project Page-06.jpg
Mum Uniform Project Page-05.jpg
Mum Uniform Project Page-07.jpg
Mum Uniform Project Page-08.jpg
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