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5 Benefits of knowing your brand values

Do you know what your brand values are and do you know WHY you should know them?

Your brand values are an important element in forming the foundations of strong brand.

Not knowing your brand values is like walking blind folded, you can’t expect to know which direction you need to head in and you can’t expect other people to put their trust in you, and follow you on the journey.

There’s five main points being clear your brand values will help with. These are:

  1. Make Better Decisions Your values will help you stay on track, they will give you something to refer back to and help you make business decisions. Having core values to constantly remind you what is important to your business and your audience will make tough decisions a whole lot easier. If making a certain choice doesn’t align with what you believe in then the choice is simple, it isn’t right for you. E.g. You’re an eco-conscious clothing company and your current packaging supplier has just stopped providing the recycled postal boxes you had been using, they’ve offered you an alternative but it isn’t recycled. The right choice based on your values would be to find a new supplier that does meet your eco-friendly requirements.

  2. Build an Authentic Brand Because the values reflect you and your business it is so much easier to stay true to yourself. It won’t feel like you are pretending or faking and your love and passion will ooze out in the way you talk and market your business.

  3. Attract the Right Customer If your values resonate with a person, it will help them connect with your brand on an emotional level are more likely to be interested. They will feel compelled to find out more about your brand and are more likely to buy from you or use your service because you have connected with them on a deeper level. This is also a great way of building brand loyalty, if you resonate with a customer they are likely to return time and time again.

  4. Build a Great Team In your long term plan you might envision having a team of people working for you or you might already have staff. It is important that your staff are on board and passionate about your ethics and your values too, if they are, they will be more motivated, they will also portray your values to other potential customers and they will be more likely to become a long term member of staff. The saying ‘you are only as strong as your weakest link’ rings true, if you have a member of staff that doesn’t resonate with the brands values and beliefs they aren’t going to be motivated to sell your product or service to potential customers.

  5. Brand Consistency You can communicate your values through your brands identity (logo, typography, colour, icons), your brands tone of voice and your marketing. By portraying the same values consistently through all points of contact with your customers you are going to build brand trust and your brand awareness. Both of these are really important to attract more loyal customers and make more sales. If you’re still wondering what your brand values are, or how you can portray your brand values, this is what we offer help with through our brand strategy service which you can view here.

Talk soon,

Faye (and Tasha) x


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