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The Problem

The West End Girls Sankey Valley Women’s Institute wanted a logo that they could use to represent their group. They told us they are a relatively young non-traditional WI and wanted their logo to represent their women who are warm, fun, talented, crafty, intelligent ladies.

The Solution

We had to adjust our design process for this job and work a little differently. The ladies at the WI wanted to be fully involved in the design, their group drew sketches for the logo and between them picked the top three ideas, which were then sent over for us to transform digitally. The design inside the crest represents where they are based, the stitching around the edge appeals to their crafty nature, the colours show their warmth and fun and the crest symbolises team/family.

The Client Says:

"We had some rough sketches and scribbled notes which were transformed into professional designs which we could then use for our new branding , very pleased"

Andrea, WEGS WI



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