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Logo | Brand Identity

The Problem

A social enterprise were looking to create a brand for their community bakery project. It would firstly be one bakery in Newcastle that would focus on Artisan bread making by getting the community involved with a scheme of training, activities and education. They wanted to create a brand that would fit their unique ethos, with a radical style to set them apart from existing bakeries and be used to roll the project into other areas.

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The Solution

We designed a logo mark that was developed and inspired by the heart and history of the brand - Newcastle and artisan bread. It needed to become a stand alone element for the business and to be easily stamped onto the products themselves. We created a bespoke font for the logotype to flow like a river and give a human, hand made feel to it. The vivid colours, and fun pattern that were developed gives the brand a community, family feel.

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The Client Says:

..".so appreciated. I totally respect the bespoke nature of the work you’ve done for the bakery"


Big River Bakery

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