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The Problem

The team at Pattern + Picture came to us at the beginning of the ideas process. They were looking to create a new bespoke wallpaper service, working with artists to produce collections of artwork to transform your home. The overall message was that they produced premium quality products, that were easy to install and would create an immersive atmosphere in any space.

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The Solution

As they came to us right at the beginning, the brand consultation process that we go through really helped focus the team’s ideas and pinpoint the important aspects and values of the brand. We created a brand that is sleek, sophisticated and playful developing a logo mark that can stand on its own, with a hand drawn feel to represent the artist and human aspect of the brand. We complimented this with a square, clean & crisp sand-serif main font to represent the sophisticated element. The bold, rich colours emphasise this. 

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The Client Says:

"Fantastic working together with lemon_feathers. We can highly recommend their branding design, amazing ideas and creativity."


Pattern + Picture

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