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5 Reasons Why Understanding you Dream Customer is SO Important

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Knowing your dream customer is one of the most important aspects of business planning and success. The product or service you provide, pricing, design, marketing basically everything in your business should begin with having your dream customer in mind.

Your dream customer is a fundamental part of your businesses foundations and will help massively in building a strong and successful brand.

In our workshops we talk about dream customers and giving them a profile rather than having just a broad selection of people. So really getting into depths about who specifically your target customer is can really help.

You can have more than one dream customer, maybe you need to have 2 or 3 ideal customers for different aspects of your business, that is fine as long as you are specific and have researched into each of them.

So why is understanding your dream customer so important?

  1. You can solve their problems. Making sales is all about solving a problem for a customer. If you are creating a service or a product and you begin that journey with your ideal customer in mind you can be sure it is going to solve a problem they have and this will mean they are more likely to buy.

  2. The ideas will flow. Following on from solving a problem for your customer when you create a product or a service, understanding your dream customer will also help ideas flow for new products and services as you will be more aware of what they need and what they like to see.

  3. You can resonate with them. I have mentioned this before when we talk about the importance of brand values because it all links. If you can connect with your customer on a deeper level, a more emotional level, if your values, marketing and tone of voice resonate with a person they will be much more likely to buy from you and then also stay loyal to your brand.

  4. You will love what you do. Working with your dream customers will make your job so much more enjoyable. Since we narrowed down our ideal audience, every single brand job we have worked on has been a joy. Targeting only your dream customer will mean you spend less time working with people you don’t click with and having poor customer experiences.

  5. Easier to market your brand. If you know who you’re targeting and how to reach them then it will save you time marketing in places where your dream customer doesn’t hang out. You will be able to write marketing copy that will engage your audience and if you use a designer you can make sure they know who your dream customer is too, in order to make sure all your visual marketing attracts the right people.

So if you aren’t clear on who your dream customer is spend sometime to figure it out. It can really help your business move forward.


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