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4 Reasons Why Businesses Should Still Use Print Marketing

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

A few years ago it was claimed ‘print is dead’, there was such a soar in digital marketing that people couldn’t see how printed marketing would still have a role to play.

However, print is still well and truly alive. Its role has changed slightly and people look at it in a different way but it is here more beautiful than ever before.

Easy to analyse performance and can be an extremely cheap way of marketing are two qualities digital marketing has over print marketing. But print also has many qualities that just can’t be matched through digital.

Let’s look at 4 of these qualities and why you should still use print marketing within your business!

  1. Physical Touch You can’t put a website into someones hand or on a table where multiple people are going to pass it and pick it up. You can’t leave digital advertisements with a client or hand them out at fairs and events enabling the customer to look and re-look at your marketing.

  2. Creates Emotion There is also something quite human about a physical printed item, handing something that’s is beautifully designed and printed to someone can evoke emotions that a digital ad can’t do. Emotive marketing is the best way to get reactions and engagements from a customer so this is a huge benefit of print.

  3. Creative & Beautiful There are no limits to how creative you can be with printed material. Old print techniques, like letter press and screen printing are still popular amongst designers and then there are so many more recent techniques for example, digital foiling, spot UV, laser cutting and 3D printing meaning that possibilities really are endless, there is just no denying that print is beautiful.

  4. Attention Grabbing & Trusted When someone comes across a digital advertisement they are often in the middle of something else, meaning it is easy to ignore, whereas print is more likely to get someones undivided attention. Print can leave a lasting impression and is trusted more due to being around for such a long time. There’s so much digital marketing that print can often be seen as a welcome and unique break.

Digital marketing has altered the way businesses can use print. Having an online presence can enhance your print marketing, a lot of businesses will already have data for their target audience, meaning they can create something that truly meets their needs and promote it online. Vice Versa, your printed materials can be a way to drive online traffic.

So although digital marketing now outweighs print, it definitely hasn’t killed it. In fact they work best together. To learn more about the digital and print services we offer contact us today.

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