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Small Business Thank You Teacher's Gift Guide

As the school year comes to a close, it’s time to celebrate the incredible teachers who have nurtured our children’s minds and hearts. Whether they’re nursery teachers, primary school teachers, or high school teachers, these dedicated individuals have been the guiding lights in our children’s educational journey.

It has been my (Faye's) first year experiencing just how much children learn and grow when they start school. My now 5 year old has learnt his letters, can read a book to me and writes his birthday list all the time as well as randomly asking me if 4 and 2 makes 6 and I just find it so amazing how much he has come on in the past 10 months. Teachers take care of our children almost daily so we have picked 6 incredible small businesses to show you the gifts they have available to show your appreciation.

Teacher's Flower Keyring - from £6.50

These beautiful and bright acrylic keyrings from The Fox and The King can be personalised with the teachers name for an additional £1.00 which is absolutely worth it in our opinion. The message on the card relates back to the flower design and we just love how cute and fun these are, they even have space to write to and from to add a personal touch on the backing card.

Bookband Teacher Gift - from £7.50

If you know your child's teacher loves reading then this has to be the perfect gift. Apples, Bookworms and Pencils there's so many bookband options from Little Bird. You can personalise with a short phrase or the teachers name and they will love never loosing what page they were up to again. You can't go wrong, all teachers read right?

Hanging Medal Decoration - £6.50

Orgill Originals are celebrating teachers like they have won the Olympics with these copper medal decorations. If you believe your child's teacher has gone above and beyong then surely a medal is what they deserve? These are beautifully hand stamped and can be personalised to the phrase that best suits!

Star Hanging Keepsake - £3.50

These hanging keepsake stars are minimal and chic meaning they will look perfect displayed in any classroom or home. They are made by George the Bear and are handmade using air dried clay and hand stamped with any nae or phrase you wish. The love, care and attention used to create these gifts reflect all that the teachers do for our children.

'It takes a big heart' classroom hoop - £6.50

'It takes a big heart to shape little minds' there's a reason we don't all home school right?! We love our children and shape thier minds in lots of ways but teachers take over and give some extra patience helping the learn in ways which would drive us as parents crazy. This hoop by Eskimos and Butterflies is agreat classroom decoration and makes a big nod towards all that teachers do.

Thank You Candle - £16.50

These hand painted candles by Bougie Wax are so detailed and pretty, I'm sure any teacher recieving this would understnad that they are appreciated as the detail in the item really reflects this, what a thoughtful gift.

We love creating these gift guides, discovering amazing talent, spreading awareness and supporting small businesses we do this through Small Founders Club and Lemon Feathers.

If you have a small business and are wanting to reach more people we are always happy for you to message us with your product and it might make it into next month's gift guide or feature on our #smallbizsunday.

Small Founders Club is a lovely supportive small business community that meets local to us in Warrington, Cheshire which we are planning to launch online at some point this year. If this sounds like something you'd like to be involved in, take a look at what it's all about below and sign up to our newsletter to keep updated on our launch.

Thanks, Faye (and Tasha) x

*all prices were correct at the time of publishing and exclude postage and packaging details and costs.

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