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Your Brand Story & Why It Matters

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Let’s just stop for a moment and reflect on the story behind your business.

Why did you set up in the first place? Was it beliefs, a passion, skills, a life event that changed your mindset, perhaps something inspired you, did you want to change the world in some way, did you want to escape the 9-5, did you want to educate or help people?

Think about what problem you want to fix and what message are you trying to get across by building your brand?

Why am I asking you this, these are the reasons you should know your brand story:

  • Helps with Brand Values You why often forms part of your brand values - it is vital you know your brand values as these form the foundation of your business.

  • People Love to Buy From People. If it resonates with your ideal customers they will be more likely to invest in your brand, you can make real connections and this will form brand loyalty.

  • It Will Give You Direction If you are ever having a day where you feel lost or perhaps you need to make an important business decision it can be helpful to look back and remember why you started, remember what is important. Your why is the whole reason your business exists and it should excite you and ignite your passion and drive for your business.

  • Helps Create a Meaningful Business Name Having a story opens up so many avenues you can explore when you are trying to come up with a business name.

Our business name, Lemon Feathers, was born from our why, let us tell you how:

Both of us had worked in the industry for a few years, but we wanted a more exciting adventure bursting with creative opportunities. So that’s when our business began.

We began by thinking what we wanted from our company and for our clients.

This was a fresh start for us, we knew we wanted to specialise in branding and this meant we would be helping to create fresh starts for many of our customers.

We wanted this business to help us feel free and flexible, with our time and to be free in the types of creative jobs we take on. We want to help our clients take off and soar in success with our creative help.

We broke this down and we got Lemon Feathers.

A Fresh Start = Fresh Fruit - Fresh Scent - Lemons

Free | Take off and Soar = Flying - Birds - Feathers

We offer name generation within a couple of our branding packages and we would take you through a process similar to this so it is essential to know your brand story.

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