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What actually is a brand strategy?

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Let us break down what a brand strategy actually is and why will it help create a brand identity and brand experience your dream customers will love!

You keep hearing the term ‘brand strategy’ and it sounds like a good thing to do, I mean Jenny who owns that really successful bakery in town had one so they must work right? But wait, do you actually know what it is or how it is going to help your business?

A brand strategy is a long term plan that gives you clarity and is something you can use to achieve your goals by staying focused and clear and connecting with your dream customers.

We see and speak to many business owners that say they feel like something is missing from their brand, they think if they just change their appearance slightly or change the colours they are using everything will feel better, when really looking at appearance on it’s own probably won’t solve the feeling that your brand just isn’t resonating with you or your dream customers.

Quite often they are feeling this way because they aren’t clear on what the business stands for, what the purpose is or who they are really aiming at, nothing can align, connect and resonate because there’s no strong foundations so stand on.

If you’re feeling like this, don’t panic you’re not alone, we even missed this crucial step when first starting out, we didn’t look at the foundations so there was no solid base to build and grow our business. We were just hoping anyone wanted to work with us and this made us terribly confused about what type of content we should be posting, what our message was and how our brand identity didn’t reflect us or attract the people our hearts really wanted to work with (even though we hadn’t figured this out yet).

Once we looked at the foundations of our brand, we got focused, niched down and really gain clarity on why we are on this journey, that’s when the magic started to happen. We knew what our purpose was and because of this not only did we start getting more work in but most importantly we were working on projects and with brands we loved and we generally felt more confident and empowered within our business. Another thing we could do was adapt our visual identity so it aligned with our values and attracted dream customers more easily.

We want you to feel confident and empowered within your business and give you the tools to grow and elevate your brand. Working through your brand strategy will give you that ‘penny drops’ moment as it encompasses everything your brand is about but it was just stuck inside your head, it will make you feel clear and focused giving you the confidence to really give your dream customer the positive brand experience they are looking for, it will help you make better business decisions and move towards your goals and it will lead your visual identity.

So what are the components of a brand strategy and the all important foundations of your brand we keep talking about?

  • Your purpose, what you do and why

  • Your vision, what are you working towards and how will you achieve it

  • Your brand story, why does your business exist

  • Your offering and what makes you unique

  • Your brands tone of voice and messaging

  • Your values, what you stand for

  • Your dream customer, who they are and what are they looking for

  • Emotional connections with your dream customer

  • Brand positioning and how this appeals to your customer

  • Brand personality and buzz words

  • Short Term and Long Term Goals

Hopefully you understand now what a brand strategy is and how it can help your business. Now it is time to take action and make the magic happen! Our brand strategy service is a friendly process, we generally enjoy chatting to you about your brand, and understanding the heart of your business. We manage to tease out all those scattered thoughts inside your head and reorganise them into a well thought out strategy that will elevate your business.

Join our lovely FREE community for more information, tips, support and we promise to be your very own cheerleaders! Attract Dream Customers and Elevate your Brand.


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