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The Problem

Eleanor was launching her own brand, bespoke made to measure women’s clothes. Her mission was to create eco-conscious, stylish clothing for women, inspired by women.

The Solution

Eleanor wanted her logo and branding to reflect lots of different aspects of the business. Delicate > Handmade > Organic > Bespoke. The first collection, designed before the business was formed, was solely inspired by a trip she had taken to Africa. We developed a logo mark from the lilac-breasted roller bird which had inspired Eleanor so much and symbolised delicate beauty, merged with a rose symbolic to Yorkshire, where the products are to be proudly designed and produced. This is complimented by our font pairing choice and the colour palette was inspired by the vibrant colours of the bird.

The Client Says:

"They were so helpful and took my (very) vague ideas and turned them into a beautiful logo. They persevered with my pickiness and I appreciate all their hard work! I hope to work with them again in the future."

Eleanor, Wild Strings

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