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From Little Acorns

Updated: May 2, 2023


It creeps into everyones mind every now and then, usually a just swift visit like a distant relative. Unless you're trying to start a business of course, then it’s more like that annoying sibling you can't get rid of popping up from all directions distracting you and winding you up. You manage to get rid of them every now and then but most of the time doubt is there, getting all up in your face saying ‘what if?’ ‘Is there a point?’ ‘No one will want your product/service’.

I was having one of these doubt moments when my partner reminded me of something I was given from my Grandma when I was younger. It was a locket and on the back it was engraved with ‘From little acorns mighty oak tree’s grow’, the meaning of this didn’t really sink in until I started to grow up. It especially made sense at that doubtful moment; the beginning of starting a business. Initially you are putting so much effort in, working so many hours you forget what a social life is, yet you feel you’re getting nothing back. Yes you’re gaining followers on social media, but what for? You're putting all the plans in to place for when you start to get customers - if that ever happens. You’re writing a business plan for what seems like a non existent business. You’re spending money on something that might never make it back.

Now think of the phrase ‘From little acorns mighty oak trees grow’. It’s not for nothing. When you plant that acorn do you see results straight away? No. Why? Because it’s busy underground, growing its roots making sure it’s stable and sturdy, so when it begins to grow above the ground it can manage and grow bigger and stronger, into that mighty oak tree. That’s what you’re doing at the beginning of starting a business, embedding your roots, making sure all the foundations are in place for a long and successful business!

It is so hard, if not impossible to have no feelings of doubt. I guess just like a real annoying sibling you can’t get rid of them, you learn to tolerate them maybe even get on with them. Doubt is a natural feeling and it makes you think about situations that might arise, is this all bad? If you let it overwhelm you, then yes - you’ll just give up and go back to working for someone else and not follow your dreams. Instead use doubt as a way of ensuring you have a plan. Answer doubt back tell it why it’s wrong. Carry on embedding those roots and watch your business grow into that mighty oak tree.


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